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TELLERS is accepting your submission.


Please just add #tellers_tv and @tellers_tv in your post which is showing your creativity.

Just create anything which is based on the concept of "social issues" with your phone.

Even it could be just a text based post about social issues in your region or activities which will solve these issues.

We are checking that everyday and if it works for our media,we will repost it or collaborate with you to reproduce that post in our professional resources.


Please pitch your creative stuff which is based on the idea of social issues.

We are accepting any format and equipment usage,also professional or amateur doesn't matter.

Send it with context which you focused.

We will run it with our original articles if its accepted.


Send us your article and information about social issues or incidents which is happening in the world.

If that could be primary information based on real coverage,we will prioritize it.

It will be published at our media with original film if its accepted.

We will reply to your email in 2 weeks once it would be decided to be accepted.

So we cannot answer to the question about publication.

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