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"GOODNESS" didn't change my mind.

I've been seeing any types of social issues on television and in a newspaper.

But it was hard to sympathize with these things happening in a place far from me.

People having been doing fund-raising on the road looked so dazzling that I walked away from them.

I blamed myself for lacking sympathy.

I haven't been doing anything wrong though.

I feel like people raising their voice for social issues are getting stand out recently.

But my mind is still left in the day.

I should say beforehand, these activities are really great.

Even I can't open my eyes with their brightness.

I wish I could be like them.

But I feel like I'm suffocating with the pressure of "GOODNESS".

I even feel terrified with the possibility of being required perfection once I step into that world.

I want something different which is something free and moving my heart.

If I could find it, I can walk under the sun.

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