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TLS is a creative production specialized in social business/activity.

In recent years, it has become indispensable to have a social statement in the activities of both individuals and companies.

The era of mass production/mass consumption has ended.

How to leave the earth as it should be in the next generation.

How to protect the rights that people should have.

TLS supports the action of companies and individuals with the power of the creative.




All the creative output to spread corporate social activities/philosophy

Music video of an artist with a social statement

Image Strategy in Social Business

Overall brand creative with ethical values

and more...




1. Visual expression that appeals to sensibility

In the modern Internet society, which can be said to be an information explosion, it is not so easy to have people's attention.
Especially in recent years, social media has become an increasingly important source of information acquisition, and what is needed there is a visual expression that is caught by unconscious filtering.

Expressions for the purpose of only transmitting information will be eliminated by selecting in a tenth of a second.

TLS translates a partner's social statement into a creative language to create content that appeals directly to people's sensibilities while maintaining an abstraction.


2. Global creative network

In addition to the disappearance of borders due to the Internet, social issues are a common proposition not only for one country but for the entire earth.

There is no doubt that the domestic production approach that has been used up to now does not work, and that it is always necessary to express from a global perspective.

By being managed by artists, TLS has its own creative network in the world, and assigns global creatives from a strict perspective as the one from the same industry.


3. Cooperation with original media platform TELLERS

In addition to the output of high quality productions, TLS is linked with TELLERS, the original media.

It provides reaching to a defined audience segment which is a "high sense and ethical".

Impressive content spreads out of the world secondary and tertiary.

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