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Ratanapon stops tying his shoelace and stares forward for a moment. It looks like asking where to go next. This is the second migration this year. He looks rebellious slightly although he knows what to do because he doesn't want to get used to this situation. It is expected that the place where he is now will be flooded in a few years and that the land is going to disappear completely in 2090, only 10 years later from now.

One day, residents in the place where Ratanapon lived were advised to evict because the area would be difficult to stay. After completing a simple procedure, his life as a "refugee" began in no time. He didn't know what was going on, but he just prepared to leave the land as he was told. He was very optimistic at first because he had a job that was doable in the next place. But the rise in sea level, which has driven him out of the land, wasn't settled over time, but rather was progressing. Therefore, he is in the process of moving further from the place where he once settled.

"Global warming" was a familiar word, but Ratanapon never thought it would affect his own life. He was surprised that it happened in some big cities where he lived, but he was very upset for the first time when he heard that the same situation was happening in more and more major cities following that. Having looked at the world, most of the island nations have disappeared and the sea level continued to rise. And that made people who are late to move having continued living in submerged cities. He also knew that there was land that was decided not to be rescued anymore. So he apparently gave up returning to his original life.

For movement, a certain number of people are grouped and each group acts. Individual or family movements are not acceptable in this flood of refugees. This time the numbers are even larger than last time and it's very hot and humid in the crowd. Until the departure, Ratanapon goes out next to a friend in the same group and looks at the distant coastline. He wonders if the day the continent will become an island and even the land will disappear will come. He tries to talk to a friend next to him, feeling romance even with it, but he doesn't. His friend is talking to his family in his distant home in a faint voice, and his expression is full of anxiety.

Ratanapon himself tries not to think about what the world will be like after this. And so is the reunion with someone close to him, such as his family and friends. Now he is trying to give priority to making himself resistant to being demoralized every day. He tells himself that staying calm is the most important in a world where the proportion of unsuitable land is increasing.

The staff tells people to start the migrant. At a glance at the ever-growing sea, Ratanapon taps his friend's shoulder. The days will continue for a while.


The rate of sea level rise is accelerating in the last 10 years and it has nearly tripled from the last 100 years.                            

If the current state of global warming continues, there will be 200 million climate refugees by 2050.

*According to UNITED NATIONS


Director & Photographer HIDEYUKI HAYASHI

Director of photography TAKUMI KISHI





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