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How long has it been since I started monitoring the blue planet under my eyes?
I think I've been observing the appearance of the stars and the lives that exist there.
There have been major changes recently, so I'll write them down.

-The object of monitoring is called the "earth". It is a planet with an abundance of nature and many lives live there.

On the other hand, it has been always covered with something like a haze. However, about a year ago in the unit of the earth, human beings suddenly stopped moving around, and their traffic and activities decreased sharply.

Then the haze faded and clear air began to flow.

According to the investigation, it seems that during the period when this change occurred, a problem that threatened human life occurred on a scale that could be said to be the entire earth, and it was forced to stop not only going out but also economic activities. This is the first time I've been watching for many years.

Humans have disappeared, factories that spit out rising smoke to make roars day and night have stopped, and the number of vehicles that emit gas has decreased. In particular, the area where chemical substances were emitted as smoke without rest showed a clear change when viewed from above. I even misunderstood that I was looking at another star.

Human economic activity and movement by car may have created this stagnation of air. Other creatures on Earth were also very welcoming to the transformed stars. When the visibility became clear, I could see the abundant soil and large greenery that I had never seen before.

I noticed that this planet was this fresh originally and I was stunned by the difference from what I had seen so far. Interestingly, limiting activities on a global scale will eliminate the stagnation of the atmosphere in such an easy-to-understand manner.

For humans inhaling the atmosphere every day, the fact that it is polluted should be life-threatening. The number of people who lose their lives due to harmful substances is enormous. However, it seems that economic activities and convenient means of transportation cannot be stopped.

Human traffic and all activities that had stopped for some time gradually revived in some places and all at once in another.
Then the stagnant haze also began to cover the planet gradually again as if it was eroding.

Since human beings must be organisms that have advanced in science, they are sure to capture this fact with accurate data. However, I don't know what they will choose in the future. This is because the long-time continuation of the environment and the economic development are equally appreciated. This creature cannot be that simple as to choose the future as "good for the earth" = "right".

Are they going to increase this stagnation, or dilute it based on this fact, or find a completely different solution based on their scientific ability and daily study? I would like to continue to patiently observe this interesting planet and the future chosen by the human beings that reign there.


Air pollution was reduced in more than 80% of the countries by lockdown in 2020.

The cities where the decrease in PM2.5 concentration was most noticeable were Singapore, Beijing, and Bangkok, which enforced strict behavioral restrictions for a limited time.

*According to CNN / IQAir


Director & Photographer HIDEYUKI HAYASHI

Director of photography TAKUMI KISHI





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